July brings with it the onset of Summer, which means some amazing new products arriving in the depot over the coming month     


Local Strawberries are in stock and are truly outstanding at the moment – as well as strawberries, we have British Raspberries, Blackberries and Blueberries

UK Apples are still available as well as Apples from the South-western Hemisphere

Indoor Rhubarb has come to an end but outdoor Rhubarb is still available for the time being – but remember the season is short, so enjoy it while you can!

We have a range of fruit imported from overseas to give you the best range possible – in July, we are looking forward to taking deliveries of:

Williams Pears 

Blackberries and Redcurrants

Blackberries and Red Currants


Easy peelers are still in stock

Verna Lemons

Small, Medium and Large Oranges

Red Beauty Plum


Apricots, round peaches, flat peaches and Nectarines are all available throughout July



Red and Green Grapes


Kiwi fruit from Italy

Honeydew, Watermelon, Galia and Cantaloupe Melons all here this month

Various nuts




Cornish Charlotte and Maris Peer Mids are looking great this season, with Jersey Royals making an appearance and of course Shropshire New Potatoes.  Cornish New Potatoes are now in full swing too – call one of our sales team for prices and availability. 

We have a range of other vegetables including

Corn on the Cob

New season English Bunched Carrots

New season UK Bunched Beetroot

English Bunched Heritage Carrots are coming through beautifully at the moment.

New season English Courgettes are now here at the depot

80/100mm Red Onions

New season boxed English Leeks

New season English Calibrese

Local Spring Greens looking crisp and fresh

Lincolnshire Cauliflower with us now

English 8ct Romanesco with us

English new season Savoy 8ct with us looking great

English 10ct Hispi Cabbage looking great

English Peas and Broad Beans looking fresh and crisp

New season 5kg Parsnips now started



Lime prices are going up with the increasing cost of air freight, but the 54’s are looking fantastic and well worth the extra cost

Physallis and Passionfruits are looking delicious at the moment too with Avocadoes ready to eat and looking very nice with green skin looking equally as good

Kenyan Fine Beans have a good volume with a slight drop in prices. 

Its the end of the Polish Asparagus season but the Peruvian season is well under way and they are looking fantastic.

Thai Veg is now in stock – call the sales team to discuss what we have and the prices.

Fresh from Zimbabwe, we have regular deliveries of MT and Sugar Snaps – the quantities are getting much better and they are still looking fantastic.

Baby Veg from both the UK and Africa is back up to good quantities, with English baby courgettes starting this week. 

Excellent quality Sweet Potato is available now.

Butternut Squash is very cost effective at the moment.


Our new Website is now live!  We can now accept email orders through the website, and you can see all of our products on line too, as well as keep up to date with all of our latest offers and news stories.  Of course, you can still call us whenever you want to! 






Salad Cress and Flat Lettuce is fresh in

Mixed Baby Leaf and Rocket are all flying out of the depot. 

There are great offers on English Iceberg, speak to our sales team for details

English Lollo Rosso, Lollo Biando, Oakleaf, Cos Lettuce and Little Gem are all looking fantastic.

English Spring Onions are looking good, as is English Celery


Have you seen our special offer for July?  Running throughout the whole of July we have special offers on Gravy and Mayonnaise. 


5Ltr tubs of Hellmans Real  Mayonnaise is on special offer for just £12.75

1.88kg Knorr Gravy Granules are avaliable for just £8.25. 


Available throughout July – call our friendly sales team today to place your order.