We welcome April with open arms as the signs of early spring are beginning to show. Warmer temperatures and the odd April shower will help to bring on the English produce. Early Dutch produce will begin to take over from the winter Spanish season leading to the English season in later spring. 


Spanish strawberries will lead onto the Dutch or Belgium varieties with a few hot house English later in the month. Spanish blueberries and raspberries along with Mexican blackberries will continue to be available. Citrus remains good too – all sizes of oranges are available although blood oranges will soon disappear. Moroccan nardicots are eating well with lovely South African marsh grapefruit and Turkish ruby grapefruit. Rhubarb will remain strong, forced indoor will continue for a while until the outdoor varieties take over. Southern hemisphere galia, cantaloupe, honeydew and water melons will continue to be good. Chilean peaches and nectarines are about but we don’t recommend them especially as the European season is around the corner.     


Potatoes are still the talking point as the main crop stored potato stocks start to dwindle. Early forced jersey royals will be expensive and with early Cornish not available until May we may struggle to fill the gap until then. Locally sourced kale, cavolo nero, purple sprouting and savoy from our local farms will continue to thrive until warmer temperatures end their season. Spanish broccoli will fluctuate in price and hispi cabbage from Portugal will be good but firm in price. New season Spanish courgettes are still good. New season broad beans and peas are coming shortly from the continent for those who are willing to pay the price. Baby beetroots, baby leeks and baby turnips from local farms are coming through while baby carrots and rainbow carrots will be from Africa. Wye Valley asparagus is coming through now but will be expensive to begin with - good weather will encourage the main crop through reducing prices. Africa continues to supply us with lovely fine beans, mangetout and tenderstem.


Spanish salad leaves are all looking excellent – Endive, cos, lollo rossa, gem and oakleaf. Raddichio is looking particulary good. Cucumbers again will fluctuate in price as will celery which is in short supply at the moment. Tomato varieties are all fine and should continue into the new Dutch season.


* Rainbow Chard * Swiss Chard * Radish * Baby Beets * Baby Turnips * Baby Leeks * Black Cabbage * Kales * Savoy Cabbage * Purple Spouting * Wye Valley Asparagus * Wye Valley Rhubarb 

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