We can expect some anomalies regarding English produce in the next few months as a result of extreme weather conditions so look out for the information from our sales team and on our website.




Most home grown berries are now in abundance although high temperatures have brought the strawberry season forward creating a shortage for this time of year.

Look out for raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and also tay and logan berries although they are not so consistent. Spanish melons are now established and the high prices we were witnessing are starting to ease. Staying with the continent enjoy peaches, nectarines and apricots which are in their prime – so don’t miss out! UK plums are starting to emerge and with some beautiful home grown cherries again make the most of them.

Citrus is predominantly southern hemisphere with lemons and marsh and ruby grapefruits. Small and medium oranges are in abundance although larger oranges are in short supply.  On the exotic side ripened avocadoes are excellent along with mangoes.

Limes, physalis and passion fruits have all eased in price.


As English peas and broad beans begin to diminish, both runner and bobby beans have started from local growers. New season chantennay carrots begin shortly with the multicoloured varieties following in a month’s time.

English courgettes are in full flow along with broccoli and cauliflowers which although are not huge in size due to lack of water are reasonably priced. Local new potatoes are coming through despite warnings of low yields and size and with ‘old’ main crop Wilja coming to an end shortly we could be in for tough times.

New season kale and cavolo nero, bunched carrots and beetroot all locally sourced are looking good along with leeks. New season onions are in stock and both Egyptian red onions and Spanish onions from direct suppliers are of excellent quality. French round and banana shallots are also looking very nice.


All mixed salad leaf bags are of exceptional quality. English Cos, Gem, Biondi, Rosso and Oakleaf are looking fantastic with lovely English Radicchio. Dutch peppers and aubergines are looking fantastic along with cucumbers and spring onions which help to back up our English produce when in short supply.

Chinese leaf along with English flat lettuce and iceberg are however tightening up so watch prices. Tomatoes are all excellent, beef tomatoes from Holland, cherry, cherry vine and vine tomatoes from Spain and English Heritage tomatoes.


*Shropshire New Potatoes

*Baby vegetables to include fennel, leeks, beetroots and turnips



*Cavolo Nero

*Spring Cabbage


*Various Beetroots


*Flat Parsley



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