Suddenly the festive season is with us; let’s hope it’s a busy and prosperous time for us all!

To help us here at Rowlands and to avoid any disappointments we are asking for any forward orders to be placed as soon as possible particularly prepared vegetable and special requirements.

Not only do we offer a full range of fresh fruit and vegetables we also have a full range of dairy products, deli items, dry goods, nuts and dried fruits.

Please ask our sales team for all details.


Spanish and Moroccan varieties of easy peelers including satsumas and clementines are excellent and will see you through to the New Year. Cranberries are in full flow and looking good. Brazilian melons are at their best and in plentiful supply. UK Bramleys and Cox apples are available with French gala, braeburn and granny smiths providing the main crops. Berries are generally excellent but can fluctuate in price this time of year – we will endeavour to find the best quality and price using Dutch, Spanish and even Peruvian produce. General fruits – bananas, pineapples, kiwi, red and green grapes, grapefruit, pears and citrus shouldn’t see any problems. For a change beautiful pomegranates and lovely quince are available.  



Once again Brassicas are thriving in the cooler temperatures. Local savoy, cavelo nero, spring greens, romanesco, various kales are full on and excellent. Sprouts are a must for Christmas whether in nets or in the prepared form (early orders would be appreciated). Piccolo parsnips and chantennay carrots work well together and are in plentiful supply. Other good root crops include varieties of beets and carrots, parsnips, swede, celeriac and leeks. Stunning locally sourced red cabbage is also too good to miss out on. Spanish courgettes and calabrese have taken over from English produce and are looking good. Potatoes are still an issue with low yields causing price hikes. As winter moves on other vegetables to look out for include Peruvian asparagus, African beans, sugar snaps,        mange tout, tenderstem and butternut squash.



Spanish salads continue to provide the bulk of produce although prices may fluctuate due to weather conditions - peppers, iceberg and aubergines are good examples. Endive, cos, gem, lolla rosso, and oakleaf are in full flow from either the Spanish or French mainlands with fantastic new season vine and cherry vine tomatoes. Moroccan beef and round tomaotoes are also available and are looking good. Mixed bagged leaves both baby and crispy versions are of top quality and look good on the plate.


* Cavelo Nero * Kales (various) * Savoy Cabbage * Chards (various)  * Beetroots  (various) * Parsley *Purple Sprouting  (limited supply) * Swede * Parsnips * Red Cabbage * Bramley Apples * Cox Apples * Baby Fennel * Baby Turnips

Contact our sales office to place your orders or for any other enquiries on:

01743 46 22 44 (Option 1)

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