February can be one of the most unpredictable months of the year, with weather being the dominant factor. With cold weather approaching in the long range forecasts, please be wary of fluctuating prices during this volatile period. Please ask our sales team for information. On the brighter side Valentine’s Day will help February sales and being towards the end of the week this should be good for the trade.



Forced Yorkshire rhubarb is available to order but a little pricey until stocks increase; please ask our sales team for any updates. Bramley apples and Cox are still English with French braeburn and Granny Smith apples being more plentiful. Berry prices will fluctuate but good quality. Egyptian and Spanish strawberries, Dutch redcurrants, Spanish raspberries, Mexican blackberries and Peruvian blueberries are all excellent.

Citrus will remain good quality sourced from Egypt, Morocco and Spain. Brazil will still provide us with superb melons, galia, canteloupe, honeydew and watermelon. Exotic fruit to include ripened mangoes, fresh physalis and passion fruit are good. Why not try the Hass variety of avocado already ripened.


Potato prices will remain top heavy and as stocks start to dwindle this will only go one way. Carrot stocks too will see increased prices into the coming months.

English cauliflower are still around however the larger French variety is still proving better value overall. Locally sourced savoy cabbage, kales, cavelo nero, spring greens and beautiful purple sprouting are all a must for the plate. Broccoli from Spain will also see an increase in price along with cauliflower, please ask for the best option.

Root vegetables to include parsnips, celeriac and swede are also strong and good in quality. Baby vegetables are predominantly from Africa now, quality courgettes, orange and rainbow carrots, leeks and fennel are superb. Peruvian asparagus, fine beans, mange tout and Kenyan tenderstem are also good and readily available.


Spain has been suffering from poor weather and low temperatures hence prices may increase on peppers and lettuce. Salad bags both crispy and baby leaf are using foreign leaves from Italy and Spain. 

English radicchio looks amazing and at a good price for its large size. Tomatoes remain firm with Morroco and Spain providing the quantities of beef, cherry, cherry vine, round and heritage. 


* Rainbow chard (to order) * Radish * Beetroots * Savoy cabbage * Celeriac * Cavelo Nero * Purple Spouting * Kale

Contact our sales office to place your orders or for any other enquiries on:

01743 46 22 44 (Option 1)

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