The affects from the drought, heat waves and hot spells continue to cause price increases. It was reported to have been the hottest summer since 1976. Lettuce, cabbage, carrots, onions, watermelons and strawberries are just a few to have been affected and the general high levels of demand and shortages of supply has meant we anticipate to be hit with some high prices for the imminent future. Please ask our sales team for any updated information. They are waiting to take your call and are happy to help!


We are sourcing from Spain as the English season comes to an end. Soft fruits are still available however strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are less competitive. The English strawberry and raspberry season is finishing now and is being replaced by Dutch. As autumn approaches we start to smell the first satsumas and clementines, these are over from Peru and Spain and will be with us past Christmas. Apples will be at their prime with UK cox’s and French varieties after a sunny September. New season Bramley apples are now available and looking excellent. Don’t forget to pre order your toffee and chocolate apples for later in the month. As peaches and nectarines get past their best Spanish and Brazilian melons come good along with Brazilian mangoes and paw paw with Turkish black figs – always a favourite!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


We have started on main crop potatoes and prices remain firm. English Brassica’s to include new season red and green kale, cavelo nero, savoy cabbage and purple sprouting are enjoying the shift to cooler temperatures hence the quality improves. English cauliflower however is still feeling the effects of summer and will suffer shortages and price hikes. English pre packed spring cabbage are excellent with iced calabrese and locally sourced courgettes looking good too until we suffer the first frosts. New season chantenay carrots both orange and mixed varieties are with us together with new season parsnips and piccolo parsnips creating choices for your Sunday roasts. Onions generally are excellent, red onions and Spanish are of top quality as are French shallots of both round and banana varieties, Dutch pickling onions are at their prime too. Autumn of course means pumpkins, mixed gourds and varieties of squashes, these will gather momentum as the month goes on. Fine beans are of good value with mange tout although sugar snaps have been experiencing shortages and again means heightened prices. Other continental specialities to include artichokes, Swiss and rainbow chard with lovely romanesco will be available to pre order.


Prices for iceberg lettuce in general are still quite high however will start to come down as soon as we switch from English to Spanish. Watercress is currently an idea for an alternative; its deliciously peppery flavour can add diversity to any salad dish. English cos, rosso and oakleaf are still good but probably only have a couple more weeks to run. We will look to Spanish produce to see us through the Autumn and Winter months. We are coming towards the end of the Dutch tomato and peppers season and with the new Spanish season virtually upon us we will see quality improve and prices reduce. Heritage tomatoes are excellent from our locally sourced growers in Evesham.

Locally sourced produce 

*Baby veg including all beetroots, fennel, turnips and leeks

* Pumpkins


*Cavelo Nero



*Swiss & Rainbow Chard (pre-orders only)

*Various beetroots



Contact our Sales office to place your orders or for any other queries on: 01743 46 22 44.

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