As reported last month the recent heat wave continues to be big news. Temperatures have now cooled but unfortunately the effects will be evident for months to come. Lettuce, carrots, onions, potatoes have all suffered in the drought and ongoing from that growers attempting to plant winter Brassicas will cause issues into the New Year. Please be aware of the situation and for updated information please ask our sales team.


Berries are excellent; Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and Blueberries continue to thrive. English apples are with us early, Discovery are in and Cox and Worcester will follow. Locally sourced Victoria plums are a must although the Damson season is suffering and won’t last long. Spanish peach and nectarines will still be available but as the month goes on quality starts to disappear. Melons including Water, Honeydew, Galia and Cantaloupe are fine with lovely Red and Green grapes.

Quality ripened avocadoes of the hard varieties are good along with mangoes and passion fruit. Physalis are more readily available as it has struggled recently.


We are switching over totally to main crop potatoes but as farmers are reporting much lower yields prices will remain firm. New season Green and Red Kale and Cavelo Nero are local and excellent, together with Courgettes, Spring Greens, Savoy Cabbage and beautiful English Corn on the cob. Iced Calabrese is keeping its quality although fetching good money as it covers Cauliflower shortages.

Spanish onions from our direct suppliers are excellent as are French banana and round shallots. For a change try new season Squashes and Marrow both grown locally. Egyptian sweet potatoes are of excellent quality and size and prices should be reasonable.


Speciality lettuce are fantastic and locally grown, Cos, Gem, Rosso, Oakleaf and Radicchio are of top quality together with Spanish Endive. Salad bags are of highest quality, Crispy, Leafy and Baby salad are superb. However English Flat lettuce and Iceberg will be tight due to poor growth during the recent extreme weather conditions. Cucumbers will continue to suffer shortages hence recent high prices. Tomatoes are looking fine across all varieties, Dutch beef tomatoes Spanish Vine, Cherry and Cherry Vine. Lovely Heritage tomatoes from Westlands (Evesham) are a must with many varieties in the box. Beetroots continue to be good, Golden, Candies and Red are all locally grown. 

LOCALLY SOURCED PRODUCE - *Potatoes *Courgettes *Cavelo Nero *Savoy Cabbage * Spring Cabbage * Red & Green Kale * Rainbow Chard * Bunched Radish * Bunched Carrots * Bunched Heritage Carrots * Bunched Beetroot * Candied Beetroot * Golden Beetroot * Discovery Apples * Victoria Plums * Damsons (limited supply).

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