Banana’s Don’t Actually Grow on Trees...

There are literally hundreds of fun facts about Bananas, but here are five things that you might not already know! 

1)     Bananas don’t actually grow on trees.  The plants that bananas grow on are actually herbs – albeit the worlds largest herbs!

2)     Bananas are ever so slightly radio-active because of their potassium, but the levels are nowhere near high enough to cause harm!

3)     If they are cooked, Banana peels are edible!

4)     Around half of people who are allergic to Latex are also allergic to Bananas!

5)     There are more songs written about Bananas than any other fruit!

Bananas have become something of a staple in British kitchens, from the humble fruit bowl in breakfast service, through to desserts and even savoury dishes. Bananas Foster is arguably one of the most famous dessert dishes; combining the flavours of the bananas cooked in a rich sauce of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, dark rum and banana liqueur and served with ice cream. The dish was first invented in New Orleans, and captures the flavours of both the Caribbean and New Orleans and now has a place on menus all over the world.