As the days get shorter and cooler we will be looking further afield for the best quality produce. Spanish produce will strengthen to help see us through the months ahead. It is important to stress but just a gentle reminder again of the possible shortages and price increases. This is as a result of the extreme weather conditions witnessed earlier in the year.



Spanish and Morocan varieties of easy peelers, satsumas and clementines will see us through the Christmas period. English apple varieties will be available through to January too. Again as we start thinking of Christmas, American cranberries will be coming available and looking good. New season melons have arrived from Brazil, quality honeydew, galia and cantaloupes are all in stock. Dutch berries particularly strawberries, blackberries and redcurrants have superseded the late English crops but keep an eye on prices. As Turkish figs come to an end wonderful Brazilian figs will take over. Don’t forget fresh chestnuts and Medjool dates will be available to pre-order.  



It is prime time for brassicas as they enjoy the cooler temperatures. Local savoy, cavelo cabbage, kales and dare I say sprouts! Parsnips both traditional and the piccolo variety are good along with the English leeks and swede. New season chantenay carrots both orange and mixed will continue to brighten up the plate with normal bunched and heritage carrots offering good quality. As we have said a lot depends on the weather as to when English cauliflower (which has already been hit by low yields) changes over to French varieties. English courgettes have mostly finished going over to Spanish. As the UK cold weather sets in UK calabrese will also be moving over to Spanish. Onions continue to be of excellent quality, Spanish, cooking, red and shallots are at their best. Jerusalem artichokes from our local growers have started and it won’t be long before the flowering sprout tops will be with us. Romanesco cauliflower too with its green peaks and spires is at its best now so make the most of it, again locally sourced. We are collecting beautiful red cabbage from a local farm a must for your Christmas menus. Pumpkins will soon disappear but lovely butternut squash will continue to thrive.



Spanish salad produce will be the saviour as the English season finishes. Prices should ease as the month goes on and we should enjoy some wonderful produce. This includes fantastic peppers of all colours and tomatoes of all varieties. Lettuce of all types especially new season iceberg will also enhance any salad. Aubergines too should be plentiful again from Spain so make the most of them. Italian radicchio will take over from British crops and their leaves tossed in with our quality rocket will beautify any baby leaf salad.



*Cox apples *Bramley apples *Baby beetroots (red, golden & candy) *Baby fennel *Baby leeks *Baby turnips  *Pumpkins *Cavelo cabbage *Kale *Savoy *Heritage beetroots *Parsley *Coriander *Red cabbage *Swiss chard *Rainbow chard.

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